Since 1973, FSR Trucking, Inc./ Postal Carrier Corp has been hauling a variety of goods throughout North America. While our core business has historically been with the USPS—winning its coveted Eagle Spirit Award in 2014 and 2016—we continue to build on our success.

Today, in addition to serving as a designated Core Carrier for UPS, we serve Amazon Logistics, UPS, DHL and customers in other industries—including steel, racecars and auto brokerage.

We are a designated Core Carrier for UPS, with dedicated routes serving its biggest client, Amazon. We’re also a designated Indirect Air Carrier meeting the requirements of the Transportation Security Administration, part of the US Department of Homeland Security, and a licensed US Customs Bonded Carrier.


Based in South Florida, the FSR/PCC footprint currently extends north throughout the entire East coast and west as far as Colorado. Within Florida itself, we maintain regular service into and out of the West Palm Beach, Orlando, Key West, Ft. Pierce, Jacksonville, Tampa and other areas.

Each of these routes is carefully engineered to meet our clients’ requirements. Want a route that’s custom-designed for your shipping needs? Contact us for a fast, reliable response.


Since starting as a one-man operation, FSR/PCC has grown into a complex organization with skilled, dedicated employees performing a wide range of essential functions. Today, our roster of licensed, certified and skilled employees, and contractors has grown to more than 200 employees.

Truck Drivers

Owner Operators

Maintenance Technicians

Dock Supervisors

Safety & Training Specialists


As we’ve grown, so has our investment in state-of-the-art equipment. Today FSR/PCC owns or leases a fleet of more than 165 motor units, including

  • Straight Trucks
  • Single and Tandem Axle Day Cabs
  • Over-the-Road Sleepers

We have a fleet of more than 200 trailers, including rollerbeds, reefers and liftgates, ranging between 28 and 53 feet. Every motor unit we own or lease is equipped with Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder technology, which allows for consistent coaching of the entire Driver Team. In compliance with FMCSA regulations, all our units will be equipped with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by the end of 2017.

We use these on established contract mail routes as well as airfreight between key markets in Florida. We also have a separate fleet of tractor-trailers dedicated for use by our racecar division. Our in-house staff of trained mechanics performs routine maintenance on all FSR/PCC vehicles.

Learn about our corporate information. Interested in driving for us? Apply today. Can we help you operate more efficiently? Contact us to learn more.